'BRANDING' is the visual identity you present to the public.


Your website, logo, your business cards, stationary, print ads, videos, billboards, photos all represent who you are as a company, what your products are like and your care for details.


Anything you put out into the public realm represents you as a service provider: blurry photos, cheesy clip art badly written and executed copy, they all drive the potential client to make assumptions about how you do business.


Don't be afraid of going a bit extreme in your choice of logos, you want something that tells a little about your business or your quality. You want something that is unique and not an imitation of a popular design.


A logo should be able to stand on its own and not depend on being read to understand what it is. It should be seen a a single image, a graphic element not just a string of words.


Are words important? YES! But your logo should not be dependent on a typeface or two to be your brand messenger.  Did you know you cannot trademark something as a logo if it is just a series of typefaces? A logo must contain elements that make it unique. Elements that tie it all together and make sense as a whole.



One time flat fee for logo design

Clients receive a minimum of 3 possible logo designs within a week

We begin a dialogue of what is liked and disliked

Periodically we get it right on the first try
Adjustments and changes are made until the client is pleased with the face of their business



We handle all recurring ads for you

Promotions are emailed to you for approval

We will then submit the design to the designated vendor

Imaginative , creative and high impact advertising

Because we handle your photos, logos and marketing info, you have one agency

Brochures   Business Cards   Billboards   Magazines   Newspapers   Menus   Pop Ups


Want to know more about how design works?


How Your Brain Processes Logos by Lindsay Kolowich

Take a second to sit back and think about your favorite brand. Perhaps it's a consumables brand, like Ben & Jerry's. Or maybe it's a fitness brand, like Under Armour, or a car brand, like Mercedes or BMW. Now, think about that brand's logo. When you're out and about and you see that logo, how does it make you feel? Do you feel comforted, excited, motivated? Are the colors warm and fuzzy, sleek and sophisticated, colorful and energizing?

How a brand's logo makes you feel has an impact on the way we perceive brands and consume their products. A whole lot happens in the 400 milliseconds it takes for you to see a logo, process it, and react to it -- and it all has to do with color, shape, meaning, prior experience with the brand, and so on. To help us understand what neuroscientists have discovered about how the human brain reacts to logos, Logomaker created this infographic from their research. Check it out and learn what scientists say about a logo's affect on our thinking.

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