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Full desktop websites are not really compatible with the small screens on mobile devices, so mobile browsers on phones with touch screen capabilities have been designed to allow you to ‘zoom in & out’ to view content not easily viewable on a small screen and scroll in all directions in order view the entire page.   This of course, is quite awkward and not very efficient.


Mobile website pages - on the other hand – are ‘fixed in place’ and no ‘zooming’ is required because the pages are formatted to allow easy viewing and readability without having to zoom or scroll left and right (scrolling up or down is acceptable).  In addition – a good mobile web version must adhere to the following basic design rules:


1.  It must download fast.

2. Text can be read without zooming or scrolling
     left to right.

3. Must be ‘thumb-friendly’ for links and buttons
   on touchscreens.

4. Copy must be used sparingly.

5. Location and phone number must be easily

6. Navigation must be simple.

7. Site must look the same in both portrait and
    landscape mode with landscape providing an
    enlarged view.


Xclaim Agency can create a ‘Mobile Version’ of your desktop website specifically designed for smartphones that optimizes the browsing experience for handheld devices by converting your website content to pages that are easy to read, navigate and to submit online forms (including eCommerce transactions) using smartphones and other handheld devices with small screens.




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