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Affordable flat fee premium hosting, marketing & support services pricing based on the
size of your website and projected support needs which include the following bundled services...



Website Traffic Reporting Modules - up to 3 different traffic reporting modules can be available online 24.7.  They provides up to 36 months of detail information and graphs covering; usage patterns and statistics, search engine keyword results and a wide variety of technical statistics that assist you in marketing your website and in analyzing the effectiveness of website design and navigation elements. 


Website Email - you will have full control over adding, deleting, resetting passwords for your website email accounts via our Webmail Admin Interface. Up to 100 accounts are included at no additional charge.  Also including is a state of the art, secure server, Webmail User Interface that allows you to read, compose, forward, reply, delete, save etc., your website email from any computer with Internet access.



Server Level Security - Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus & Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall with Login/Intrusion Detection and Security Software that protects using a Login Failure Daemon (lfd) process that runs all the time and periodically (every X seconds) scans the latest log file entries for login attempts against our servers that continually fall within a short period of time. Such attempts are often called "Brute-force attacks" and the daemon process responds very quickly to such patterns by permanently blocking offending IP's.


No additional charges for bandwidth and/or disk space usage - unlike other web hosting vendors, we charge one flat fee regardless of how much disk space or Internet bandwidth used by your website.


State-of-the-Art Web Hosting Facilities
We operate out of 3 data centers (Washington DC Area, USA | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Tokyo, Japan).
All 3 data centers are Military Grade, top Tier 4 data centers with dual redundancy on power, connectivity, and cooling.














(Washington DC (Ashburn, VA) Data Center Colocation 150,000 square foot campus)


Data Center On-Site Security - data center access is strictly limited to our technical staff and engineers. Electronic & biometric security systems control data center access and are accompanied by a motion detecting security system to monitor the complete facility using digital 24x7x365 pan-tilt-zoom cameras that monitor all data center secure areas, parking lots, entrances and roof monitored at all times by 24x7x365 security staff.  Buildings are secured by 12-foot security fencing, security-operated shipping and receiving, 175 steel & concrete bollards around facility.  Building-within-a-building design provides physical protection for IT assets on the data floor.


Redundant Premium Bandwidth -  we have teamed up with the highest quality Internet connectivity providers to provide our customers with the highest quality bandwidth available. We have direct connectivity with AT&T, Savvis, Level3, and Verizon.


Power Redundancy - 14.4 MW of critical IT load with 28 MW backup generator power are concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant providing 100% availability. Our power systems feature 2N +2 redundant electrical infrastructure and highly intelligent and self-healing infrastructure & management system integrated into Operations Control Center monitoring system.


Cooling System - concurrently maintainable - 100% available environmental processing systems include redundant cooling systems. Centralized industrial chiller plant with automatic controls to maximize operating efficiency and PUE. Computer room air handlers at N+2 redundancy or better. The temperature and humidity are precisely regulated year around to ensure optimum equipment reliability and performance.


Data Backup - server level nightly backups plus R1SOFT continuous backup software. R1soft backup solution offers continuous file by file backup with hundreds of recovery points. It provides full database backup recovery points as well as high performance disk backups.


Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) this additional disaster recover service provided at no additional charge creates a virtual environment of your server and ‘clones’ it to a separate dedicated server environment in case your main server were to go down for whatever reason including a DDoS (denial of service attacks). The clone server is always online so if your server goes down – our DRaaS  service automatically switches over to the cloned server.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) - this powerful CDN allows for your website to be cached through out world-wide secure data centers allowing your website and videos to stream up to 5 times as fast without the need to host physical servers in multiple different locations. Below shows you a map of our global CDN offered to all of our customers free of charge.
















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