The real beauty of a Google AdWords PPC campaign


- is you only pay when someone clicks through to your website.


No other form of advertising in the world lets you advertise your company without having to pay ANYTHING until someone ‘knocks on your door’.  We simply run the campaign when we need a few leads and pause it when we don’t.


Of course – if you don’t know what you are doing – you can waste a lot of time and much much money really fast trying to build an AdWords campaign on your own.   And even if the campaign you build is perfect – it will not deliver a decent ROI unless the campaign is monitored, analyzed and optimized on a daily basis which you will never have time to do.


As a Google AdWords Agency, we are able to identify and ‘cherry pick’ the keywords that folks are ACTUALLY using (not just the ones you think will work or want to work) to search for your services using our Google AdWords Agency tools and support team.  We monitor, manage and optimize your AdWords campaign on a daily basis to ensure you are getting top search page positions (1-3), the highest possible click-through rate (CTR) and the lowest possible cost-per-click (CPC).







Google Direct Search Campaign

 – is a keyword driven, direct response advertising medium that you only pay for when someone comes ‘knocking on your door’. Direct response means when people search for what you do, they immediately find you. No matter how well your website is optimized for search engines and how many keywords you submit to search engines – 90% of users are clicking on one of the top 3 spots on search engine results pages.


If searching Google for a web designer in St. Petersburg, FL using an 'organic' search phrase like ‘best web design’ (or anything related; web design; web designer, web development, custom web design, etc.)  If we turn off our AdWords campaign -  Xclaim Agency doesn’t even show up on the first page because there are so many web designers – let alone  show up in one of the top 3 page positions - in spite of the fact that we continually optimize our website content for search engines and submit relevant keywords to over 800,000 search engines each month.


As an AdWords Agency – we have access to everything Google already knows about all the keywords people are using to search for both our and your type of business which allows us to get immediate results by displaying an ‘in your face’ top 3 listing on Google Search Page One as seen in the real search results screen to the left.  We simply 'turn it on' when we need leads, and 'turn it off' when we don't - and we only pay if they click through to our website.

Google Display Network 
World’s Largest Display Advertising Network















This is where AdWords ads can be displayed in addition to Google Search results pages and other parts of the Search Network.


There are two statistics that contribute to the effectiveness of all advertising campaigns‘Frequency’ and ‘Reach’.


Google is like a television – with different ‘networks’ or ‘channels’ that cater to different market segments and utilize a variety of proven methods for targeting your audience.  Every website out there that allows Google to place text and image banner ads - comprise the Google Display Network.


Across the Internet there are all manner of websites that allow ad banners to be placed which maximizes your ‘Reach’. Google selects ‘networks’ that will best target the market you specify to place your custom designed banner ads which increases your ‘Reach’ metric.

Google Remarketing Strategies


Will continue to promote your business long after they’ve left your website by displaying them relevant text and image banner ads across the Google Display Network. It's a powerful way to match visitors with your products or services. Your text and image banner ads are displayed again and again to visitors as they are tracked and followed while  they visit other websites after visiting your website only ONCE.


This increases your ‘Frequency’ metric.  The Remarketing Display Network gives real 'legs' to your Google AdWords campaign. You benefit from continuous and frequent advertising that helps build your brand - yet you don't pay unless they actually click-through to your website.


You can track exactly how many website visitors are converted to paying customers by adding a coupon link to the banner ad that the customer can either print or display on their mobile device.  Above you see our Remarketing Display Network image banner ad displayed on a random visit to The Animal Rescue website…

Google YouTube TRUVIEW INSTREAM Advertising


This is Google's platform that focuses on paying only for customer engagement/views. 

Here is a quick breakdown of TrueView Instream:


- Pre-roll video ad on YouTube partner pages.


- Any length video, user has option to skip after 5 seconds.


- Average CPV's (Cost-per-view) are about $.15, and only charged if the user elects to watch the entire video or 30 seconds (whichever comes first).


- A click on the video ad can be directed back to the YouTube channel (recommended if channel is branded) or any website desired. There is no additional charge for a click-through.


- Static companion banner (300 x 60) accompanies video ad, and click-throughs are the same as above.


- If advertiser is charged a view, it also counts as a view on YouTube analytics.





Xclaim can design an AdWords Campaign just for you and your local,
regional and/or national target market.

The sad reality with regards to getting traffic to your website from search engines - is that it’s entirely ‘rigged’.  There is no way you can effectively compete with all the businesses out there doing the same thing you do for the top 3 search page positions - especially those businesses who are running a Google AdWords Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign – unless you are running a PPC campaign yourself.


And since folks overwhelmingly use Google search over all other search engines - a Google AdWords Search Campaign is the ‘800 pound gorilla’ of Internet marketing.



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