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A 'catchy' custom designed email will grab the eye and increase the percentages it will be opened, reviewed and forwarded.  We custom design email templates, schedule and deliver your emails on schedule and/or on demand.  We manage your email campaigns to ensure that your email lists and 'eBlasts' are CAN-SPAM compliant. We harvest emails from your website feedback & proactive email harvest forms and import them directly into your mailing lists so every mailing uses up to date information, and automatically maintain spam compliant OPT-IN / OPT-OUT records. We monitor and report your mailing delivery statistics; successful deliveries, open and click through rates, OPT-IN and OPT-OUT requests, etc., so you can measure the effectiveness of each email campaign.


There are two types of eBlasts in general…



In general 'promotional' eBlasts are many times more effective than ‘informational only’ eBlasts and promotional eBlasts that include a link to a 'PRINTABLE' coupon or a coupon that can be displayed on a smartphone  - are even more effective.


Following is a sampling of our clever, creative and engaging email marketing campaigns...



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