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Since 1994 we create custom home page design concepts in 3 business days or less.


No web designer we know is faster!


Our designs are all completely different because we never use cookie-cutter templates designs.  Each page is developed just for you and your target market.  Sometimes, the site visitors' needs will trump yours. We'll guide you through the development process, step by step.


We ensure your site provides a cognitively fluent experience... imagine you’re looking to find a lawyer to help you file a patent for your newest invention. You head over to Google and type “patent lawyers Tampa FL” into the search bar.  Before you click "search," stop. What do you imagine those patent lawyers’ websites will look like?  The picture in your head probably isn’t one of a cluttered site outfitted in neon colors and fun fonts. Instead, when you imagine what a good, trustworthy patent lawyers’ website might look like, it more likely uses more muted tones, a cleaner font, and presents opportunities for you to easily explore the different services the practice offers.


Not surprisingly, after you've done your research, the patent lawyer you end up hiring probably has a website that looks a lot like your initial cognitive concept of what a good lawyer’s website should look like.


This concept is known as cognitive fluencyWebsites that attract more traffic tend to present an experience that’s similar to the visitors’  initial concept of how the website should look.

Here's an example of
Cognitive Dissonance...


On the left is the original site for a stock trader education site. Is it a vacation site, a barter site? There is no connection between the design and stock trading. The site had an alarming 'bounce rate'


The new design on the right  immediately communicates visually the site design is consistent with the content with numerous 'calls to action' to engage the site visitor.


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