'BRANDING' is the visual identity you present to the public.


Our design group spends time and thought in selecting a color grouping that is not only appropriate for your business but also fresh and untypical, one that expresses a mood and good feeling that is immediately recognizable and appropriate for your target audience and group of users.


It is important to think beyond yourself, your personal likes and dislikes, and to focus on what your site visitors expect and might want to see.


The colors chosen must be appropriate for your business, law firms should not use primary colors, those are more appropriate for child centered services than serious considerations.


Often being inspired by nature, or a photograph that you find pleasing can be a way of deciding a direction for finding "the right one"- we present here some inspirational images to get your creative side engaged.

A red, white and blue scheme is not only popular but overused. It is a difficult color combination to work with since all the colors have the same value, meaning if you changed them to gray, they would almost be identical. That means that it is very difficult to get enough contrast to make things, ideas and promos stand out.


This color combination pictured left, is a good example of how to rethink red, white and blue to a more pleasing and harmonious combination that allows for darks,mediums and lights.

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